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J.N. Pew Jr., one of the founders of The Pew Charitable Trusts, applauded the genius of invention, which he defined as “the constant development of new ideas in all fields.” At Pew, we continuously strive to live up to that spirit of openness and entrepreneurship, seeking inspiration from a wide range of partners, policy experts, and researchers. That is why I’m pleased to introduce this new publication, Trend, in which we offer perspectives from eminent voices, in a range of disciplines, who are seeking to inform and improve our world.

This issue explores some of the challenges—and opportunities—that transcend the borders of any one country and have an impact on us all. As commerce, information, and people flow more freely across the globe, new approaches to concerns such as ocean governance and antibiotic resistance are vitally important. Unlimited by porous geographic and political boundaries, these topics cannot be addressed by a single leader or nation. They require innovative thinking and creative approaches—the “new ideas” so valued by Pew’s founders.

Trend will also promote another essential institutional value: that effective solutions are based on the facts. Good data, of course, come from unfettered research and painstaking scientific inquiry. So I am especially pleased to note that in this issue we hear from two Nobel laureates, who offer their personal thoughts on the value of science in bridging the gaps that divide us. Their reflections are a reminder that we must never give up our optimism in this changing, unsettled, and sometimes unsettling world.

As we continue our efforts to inform the public, improve public policy, and invigorate civic life, we value your input. Throughout these pages you will find several ways to keep in touch, follow Pew’s work, and offer your own thoughts. I hope we hear from you.